What kind of photography are you interested in? I have shot nightlife photography, weddings, models, lifestyle, street photography, Real Estate, Sweet16, bodiour, Coporate, Digital X-Rays, Construction, Food and jewelry. I can say i love the challenge and i can defend my self in any type of photography scenarios,

        What kind of camera/camera gear do you have? Nikon D700, D7000 , Sigma 70-200, Nikon 50mm, 24-70mm & 105-200mm. Nikon 900 / 910 Flash, 3 Alien Bees b800, 3 Pocket Wizards TT5, Light Meter, Orbis Ring Flash, Beauty Dish, Green Screens, Umbrellas, Light Boom, Easy Stands, tripod, double Rapid Fire Strap etc.

         How long have you been shooting? I've been shooting for about 10 years now.

What would you say your skill level is? Skill level? Hmm im pretty good at what I do I must say but I’m always a student to the game .

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